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Club Fitting—TaylorMade


Originally developed by TaylorMade's R&D department for rapidly attaching driver and iron heads to demo shafts, the new TaylorMade SelectFit System offers golfers a custom-fitting experience with a broader array of golf club options to ensure the best fit for your swing. With the new fitting cart stocked with dozens of TaylorMade club heads of differing characteristics and dozens of shafts of differing make, flex, kickpoint and length, the number of complete club possibilities is more than 186 driver combinations and more than 258 iron possibilities - 200 more than the industry standard.



The TaylorMade SelectFit System allows trained fitters at all SelectFit retail locations to quickly and easily experiment with different shafts and head combinations without sacrificing feel or performance of the golf club. This system is unique in the industry in that it permits an expert all-in-one fitting system for both drivers and irons.

The TaylorMade SelectFit System cart utilizes 15 driver heads of various lofts (from 8.5° to 13.5°) and models. Along with the heads the cart offers 17 driver shafts of varying lengths, flexes and kickpoints. These combinations, coupled with TaylorMade's Movable Weight Technology, offer over 63,000 possible driver combinations to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Also in the system are 18 different iron heads of various models and lie angles that range from 4° flat to 4° upright, 17 shafts of varying lengths, flexes and materials (both steel and graphite) that all add up to offer 258 possible combinations.

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The development of the TaylorMade SelectFit System is owed in part to MATT (Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade) system data. Over the past six years, TaylorMade has conducted an in-depth study of launch conditions with the help of its MATT system. The MATT system records and animates a player's swing with extraordinary detail, and measures a variety of key statistics including swing speed, initial ball speed, launch angle, ball spin, swing path and face angle. This data was vital in developing the components of the SelectFit System.